Yang Tai Chi Classes on the Central Coast

Central Coast Yang Tai Chi offers classes in the Chinese exercise and internal martial art of Tai Chi Chuan.

Steve has been teaching on the Central Coast since 2007. He specialises in the Yang style form, which is the most popular Tai Chi form throughout the world. Steve also teaches various modified Tai Chi forms and Tai Chi weapons.

Steve believes every teacher should have a teacher and still trains with Master Alice Bei Dong from Shanghai. This way he feels that he is bringing to his students accurate and  proficient instruction. This prevents dilution and degradation of the Tai Chi form.

Steve has competed in China in 2006 and 2012 both times winning medals. The latter being the Traditional World Championships where he represented Australia, and won gold for Tai Chi Yang style and Tai Chi sword. In total Steve has won nine gold medals in local and overseas competitions.

Steve’s deep passion for the art of Tai Chi enables him to encourage and stimulate his students ability to attain levels of achievement that they probably were not expecting, but at the same time, maintaining a relaxed and friendly environment, with calmness, patience and respect.

Classes are open to all ages and fitness levels and are conducted at Erina, Holgate, Kincumber and Terrigal. Click here for class times.